Evening Bliss

This tea brings together Mother Nature’s most soothing duo -- hemp and chamomile -- in one delicious drink.

Sleep Quality

Organic Relax Tea

CBD and Chamomile are Mother Nature’s gift for busy minds! Used for thousands of years because of their calming properties, they create a delicious tea that is perfect for evening relaxation.
  • Sustainably harvested hemp and chamomile
  • Beautiful tea with an earthy taste
  • One tea bag is enough to brew two cups!




No Animal Ingredients


No Animal Testing


Close to no THC


Full satisfaction or refund



One of Mother Nature's Most Soothing Duos


Treat Yourself to a Calm Evening

Contains Mother Nature’s most soothing and calming duo -- hemp and chamomile.


Whole Flower, Whole Benefit.

As tea uses the whole flower, you reap all the benefits of the plants.


Certified Organic Hemp

Chamomile is packed full of antioxidants.

Nutritional Information

Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp 1.0 g (50%), Whole Leaf Chamomile 1.0 g (50%)

Naturalis Chamomile Tea

Herbal teas have been used for many centuries. Different herbs possess different characteristics. While teas are generally less potent than a tincture, or more refined product, they are made with the whole plant (or part of the plant if only the leaves, flowers, or root is used), therefore supplying more of the benefits of the plant. In addition, some of our teas are infused with CBD oil so as to increase their potency.

Herbal teas can be made with fresh or dried herbs; the ones you find pre-packaged in stores being the dried variety. While herbal teas were likely first drunk for their medicinal properties, there are many herbal teas on the market today that are drunk purely for their taste.

How it’s made

Handpicked Herbs

The herbs used in our tea are sustainably harvested.


We use herbs from organic farms only.

Packaged in the UK

Our teas are packaged and batch tested in the UK to ensure quality.

When to use
Chamomile Tea

Have a Cup in the Morning to Relax Your Mind

If you have a stressful day ahead, then a cup of chamomile and hemp tea is the perfect way to start your day. Both herbs are known for their calming effects and while also ensuring you maintain focus and tranquility.

Use It as an Evening Tea

Chamomile and CBD are both known for their calming effects. Therefore, this tea is great for evening relaxation. Elevating your temperature by drinking something hot an hour before bedtime may also help you sleep better. So enjoy some CBD Chamomile Tea in the evening before bed!

Use It for Your Mindfulness Practice

It’s no secret that people drink a cup of matcha tea before meditating but what about trying a combination of chamomile and hemp instead? Both herbs are known for their calming properties and CBD is further known to promote focus and clarity.

Enjoy a Me Time Tea

The best way to spend time with yourself, is to relax and enjoy your own company. Granted the properties of chamomile and CBD are what they are, they may just help you along. Sip a cup of tea while reading your favourite book, sitting curled up at home with a candle, or relaxing in nature.

Drink It at Any Hour for Its Taste

We often drink tea simply because we enjoy it. Do the same with this combination of hemp and chamomile. The earthy notes are delightful and particularly suited for calm moments (or moments when you’re seeking calm). In summer you can turn it into an ice tea, adding a splash of your favourite cordial and some ice.

Consumption methods

Drink It Straight Up

As so many other herbal blends, this blend of chamomile and hemp tastes delightful if you have an herbal palate. It comes with earthy notes and is particularly suited for calm moments. You can add honey, or xylitol, if you have a sweet tooth, but it’s also delicious on its own.

Make Ice Tea

If things are heating up, then you can use Naturalis Chamomile and Hemp Tea to make a lovely ice tea. Just blend it with ice and a splash of cordial of your choice. Experiment to find the one you think is best suited to the earthy taste of the tea.

Blend It into a Smoothie

If you aren’t a fan of the taste of herbal tea, then blending some hemp and chamomile tea into your next smoothie could be an option. Just replace the water/milk you’re using with the tea. You can even freeze it as ice cubes to replace your regular ice cubes. We wouldn’t recommend it for a chocolate smoothie, but for berry and fruit smoothies, it can be a delicious addition.


Naturally Powerful

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural component of the hemp plant. It was first discovered in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois and has had a recent boom as marijuana has become legalised in many countries. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in hemp. That means that you will not get high from consuming CBD. Apart from ingesting it, you can also use it topically.

The hemp plant has been used throughout human history for herbal remedies, sustainable materials and even clothing. As such, it’s become one of the most talked about natural products in the 21st century.

No side-effects


Completely natural

Environmentally friendly

Used for post-workout care by athletes.

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Our Journey of discovery

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? It’s certainly proved to be true for us, Hassan and Sam, the founders of Naturalis.

Sam and Hassan founded Naturalis after being on the forefront of research into the potential of cannabidiol for many years. As research around the globe started backing up their own findings, they wanted to give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products. They chose to work with sustainable farms, providing the best quality hemp.

Operating out of London, Naturalis continues to stand by its commitment to natural solutions and sustainable products.

Scientifically sane. Naturally made. Ethically wise. Sustainably sound. Premium products. Those are the values we stand by. We only want to provide people with the best nature has to offer as we believe that will offer the most powerful healing solutions and leave less of an imprint on the planet as a whole. In short, we want to deliver Mother Nature’s best gifts in as pure form as possible. Mission: Give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products that are produced sustainably using scientific standards.

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