Natural CBD Oil

Just a few drops under the tongue of our organically grown CBD Oil will ensure a balanced mind.



Our CBD Oil is one of the purest and most fast acting CBD oils on the market today making it an all natural solution for your everyday needs.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil — one of the purest on the market.
  • Made from naturally grown and sustainably harvested hemp.
  • Fast acting due to being a sublingual tincture.




No Animal Ingredients


No Animal Testing


Close to no THC


Full satisfaction or refund



Settle a Busy Mind

For Active Minds

One of Mother Nature's Most Loved Ingredients

Our broad-spectrum contains a vast range of cannabinoids and terpenes.


So naturally pure, we had nothing else to add.

CBD is often used by people eager to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Naturally pure, quality assured.

Our CBD Oil is one of the purest and fastest acting broad-spectrum CBD oils on the market.

Nutritional Information

Cannabis sativa L., 9750 mg of phytocannabinoids and hemp essential oils, terpenes, cannabidiol 250 mg (1.25mg/drop) / 500mg (2.5mg/drop) / 1,000mg (5mg/drop) / 2,000mg (10mg/drop) / 5,000mg (25mg/drop) / 10,000 (33mg/drop)

Naturalis Oils

Naturalis offers a few different oils, all containing broad-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil. While the ingredients in our different oils vary depending on their intended function, the CBD oil itself is one of the purest on the market. We work with suppliers of hemp who use sustainable harvesting methods, so we know the end product is of the highest quality.

We source the ingredients for our products globally ensuring we find only the very best quality cannabidiol. All our oils are blended in the UK by a chemist and batch tested for quality.

For quality and affordability, Naturalis London is leading the way.

How it’s made

Sustainably Sourced CBD

Sustainably harvested and is sourced from a reputable farm in Colorado.

Made in the U.K.

In the U.K. the CBD is blended with quality assured hemp oil and decanted into bottles by a certified chemist.

Batch Tested

The CBD Oil is batch tested to ensure the quality before being shipped to shops and customers.

When to use

Before Meeting

A drop, or two of Naturalis CBD Oil before a meeting may maintain focus and concentration. While more studies are needed, many people around the globe are already using it to help clear their minds. The CBD Oil is perfect for instant effects, as it’s fast acting: you place a drop, or two under your tongue. From there it directly enters your bloodstream.

Support Mental Clarity

Whether you’re giving a public presentation that’s giving you the jitters, there are situations when mental clarity is desired. Use Naturalis Sublingual Tincture to help support mental clarity and focus.

Conquer Your To-Do List

There are days that are more stressful than others. If you feel your mind is starting to become clouded over, then have a drop of CBD Oil to see if you can’t help ease the stress! When you have a clear mind, your to-do list will be that much easier to conquer.

Overcome Stressful Situations

Whether you’re going for a job interview or meeting your in-laws for the first time, there are situations in life that can be stressful. Taking a moment to breathe, settling into who you want to be in the face of it, and having a drop, or two, of Sublingual Tincture may very well save the day.

Meditate Better

Taking a drop of Sublingual Tincture before meditating can possibly help you stay more focused and clear minded. While more studies are needed to clarify everything, people have started incorporating it (much like they have matcha tea) into their mindfulness regime.

Consumption methods

Administer It Under the Tongue

The Naturalis CBD Oil was specifically made to be taken under the tongue — use the pipette to place a drop, or two under the tongue. This is because this consumption method leads to a faster uptake by the bloodstream. In other words, you’ll notice almost instant effects.

Have It with a Glass of Water

If you don’t enjoy placing the drops under your tongue, then mixing a drop of the tincture into a glass of water works just as well. The effects won’t be as immediate, however.

Add It to Drinks

It’s also possible to add Naturalis CBD Oil to any drink of your choice. Thanks to its taste being fairly neutral, a drop or two, shouldn’t affect the taste of your drink — be it a cocktail, mocktail, smoothie, or a cup of coffee.


Naturally Powerful

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural component of the hemp plant. It was first discovered in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois and has had a recent boom as marijuana has become legalised in many countries. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in hemp. That means that you will not get high from consuming CBD. Apart from ingesting it, you can also use it topically.

The hemp plant has been used throughout human history for herbal remedies, sustainable materials and even clothing. As such, it’s become one of the most talked about natural products in the 21st century.

No side-effects


Completely natural

Environmentally friendly

Used by athletes.

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Our Journey of discovery

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? It’s certainly proved to be true for us, Hassan and Sam, the founders of Naturalis.

Sam and Hassan founded Naturalis after being on the forefront of research into the potential of cannabidiol for many years. As research around the globe started backing up their own findings, they wanted to give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products. They chose to work with sustainable farms, providing the best quality hemp.

Operating out of London, Naturalis continues to stand by its commitment to natural solutions and sustainable products.

Scientifically sane. Naturally made. Ethically wise. Sustainably sound. Premium products. Those are the values Naturalis stands by. We only want to provide people with the best nature has to offer as we believe that will offer the most effective solutions and leave less of an imprint on the planet as a whole. In short, we want to deliver Mother Nature’s best gifts in as pure form as possible. Mission: Give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products that are produced sustainably using scientific standards.

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