Tasty CBD Drinks

Our water-soluble CBD droplets allow you to blend CBD goodness into any drink of your choice.


CBD Droplets

Our CBD oil packed full of both cannabidiol and terpenes for maximum effect. Thanks to it being water soluble and having a neutral taste, it can be mixed into any drink of your choice. It’s an easy and effective way of getting your daily dosage of high quality, natural CBD.
  • Contains both CBD (cannabidiol) and terpenes.
  • Can be easily dissolved into any drink of your choice.
  • Has a neutral taste, so it won’t ruin your drink!




No Animal Ingredients


No Animal Testing


Close to no THC


Full satisfaction or refund



Everyday CBD Goodness, Your Way.

Turn Any Drink To A Super-Drink

The Perfect Drink Companion

Turn your morning cuppa, smoothie, or cereal into a superfood by adding a drop of our water soluble CBD oil.


So Naturally Healthy, We Had Nothing Else to Add

Our oil contains broad-spectrum CBD (meaning you get all the possible health benefits of the oil) and is one of the purest oils on the market.


Sustainably Harvested CBD

Our CBD oil is sourced from an organic farm in the US that uses sustainable harvesting methods. The oil is non-toxic, non-psychoactive and 100% legal, safe and batch tested.

Nutritional Information

Hemp Extract, Propylene Glycol, Natural flavouring.

Naturalis Oils

Naturalis offers a few different oils, all containing full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil. While the ingredients in our different oils vary depending on their function, the CBD oil itself is one of the purest on the market containing 99% CBD. We work with organic suppliers of hemp who use sustainable harvesting methods, so we know the end product is of the highest quality.

While we source the ingredients for our products globally so as to be able to find the very best quality ones, all our oils are blended in the UK by a chemist and batch tested for quality.

CBD oil can both be ingested and applied topically. CBD has been trialed in several studies to test its effectiveness against sore muscles, inflammation, sleep problems, anxiety, diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, schizophrenia and various other neurological disorders. It’s believed that full-spectrum CBD may have more health benefits than the refined version.

How it’s made

Sustainably Harvested

Our CBD comes from hemp that’s organically grown and sustainably harvested on a farm in Colorado.

Made in the UK

The water soluble CBD oil extracted and refined in the UK.

Bottling and Testing

Once the oil has been blended and bottled, it’s batch tested for safety.

When to use
CBD Droplets

Take It in the Morning with Your Juice, or Smoothie

Few will argue that a raw juice, or smoothie, is a great way to start the day. Adding a drop, or two, of CBD oil can make it even more powerful. CBD is known to improve focus and mental clarity, while decreasing stress and anxiety, as well as combating a number of different diseases, pain and inflammation. A drop in your morning juice, or smoothie, may very well set you up for a brilliant day!

Blend It Into Your Morning Brew or Cereal

If you aren’t a fan of smoothies, or juices, then blending a drop or two of the CBD water soluble oil into your brew of choice works just as well, as does putting a drop into the milk you use for your cereal, or porridge. Thanks to the taste of the CBD oil being so neutral, you won’t even notice it, but you will hopefully notice the effects it has on your state of mind and physical body (CBD is known as a natural remedy for a variety of neurological disorders, chronic pain and inflammation).

Have It with Your Afternoon Tea

If your mind is feeling busy, why not add a drop of CBD oil to your afternoon tea? Terribly British, terribly useful. There’s nothing more strengthening than a cuppa tea, apart from a cuppa tea with CBD in it!

Add It to Your Acai Bowls and Chia Puddings

Whether it’s a healthy breakfast, or delicious dessert, a drop of CBD adds something a little bit extra! A drop of CBD oil can easily be added to your vegan chocolate mousse, chia pudding, or acai bowl. It’s an easy way of making a healthy treat healthier!

Have It with Your Evening Cuppa

While CBD oil can be mixed into any drink during the day for the sake of clarity and focus (and health benefits in general), it can also be taken at night with your evening tea. CBD is not a stimulant, but rather it can help relax your mind and free it from anxiety. Of course, it may be useful to have a mindfulness practice, such as taking a few minutes to meditate, or imagining how you would like your state of mind to be the following day, while sipping your tea.

Consumption methods

Blend It into a Smoothie

Smoothies form part of many people’s health regimes. It’s an easy way to get a bunch load of fruits, berries and veggies (ever tried adding kale, or spinach?) all in one go. And if you want protein in there, a natural solution, such as a pea protein powder or nut butter, is great. What’s more, you can add a drop or two of CBD oil to make it even more healthy. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Have It with Your Favourite Brew

Thanks to Naturalis CBD Oil being water soluble, it will blend into any drink of your choice without affecting the texture. Nor will it affect the taste most of the time, as the oil is pretty much neutral in taste. If you drink it with just a small amount of water/weak brew you may taste it a tiny bit though. But in a cup of coffee, or a glass of juice, it will be undetectable.

Have It with Your Cereal

Thanks to its neutral taste, Naturalis Water Soluble CBD Oil can be blended into the milk you use for your cereal, or porridge, without you even noticing. Now breakfasts can get even healthier! What’s so nice is that unlike a pill, you don’t have to think about swallowing it. And while you may forget to take a pill, chances are you won’t forget to eat your breakfast! You can even put the bottle next to your cereal.


Naturally Powerful

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural component of the hemp plant. It was first discovered in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois and has had a recent boom as marijuana has become legalised in many countries. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in hemp. That means that you will not get high from consuming CBD. Apart from ingesting it, you can also use it topically.

The hemp plant has been used throughout human history for herbal remedies, sustainable materials and even clothing. As such, it’s become one of the most talked about natural products in the 21st century.

No side-effects


Completely natural

Environmentally friendly

Used for post-workout care by athletes.

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Our Journey of discovery

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? It’s certainly proved to be true for us, Hassan and Sam, the founders of Naturalis.

Sam and Hassan founded Naturalis after being on the forefront of research into the potential of cannabidiol for many years. As research around the globe started backing up their own findings, they wanted to give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products. They chose to work with sustainable farms, providing the best quality hemp.

Operating out of London, Naturalis continues to stand by its commitment to natural solutions and sustainable products.

Scientifically sane. Naturally made. Ethically wise. Sustainably sound. Premium products. Those are the values we stand by. We only want to provide people with the best nature has to offer as we believe that will offer the most powerful healing solutions and leave less of an imprint on the planet as a whole. In short, we want to deliver Mother Nature’s best gifts in as pure form as possible. Mission: Give people worldwide access to premium, 100% natural, cannabidiol products that are produced sustainably using scientific standards.

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