CBD Oil – 500mg



Our premium CBD Oil Drops are created from 82% broad spectrum CBD extract, making it one of the purest and most natural forms of CBD available on the market. You can administer these drops quickly and easily sublingually (under the tongue), ensuring they fit flawlessly into your precise health regimen. Using this method, the luxury cannabidiol oil works its way into your bloodstream and begins to deliver its natural health benefits.

Strength: 500mg. Volume: 10ml.

Ingredients (500 mg): hemp oil 94%, hemp extract 6%, 2.5mg in one drop

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Using Luxury Cannabidiol to Harmonise Life, Health and Lifestyle

We provide healing the Naturalis way – with good health and good taste. Our unwavering commitment to natural, pharmaceutical-grade products has made us the reference in the nascent world of CBD.

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