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For Busy Minds

CBD Oil Tincture


Stress can make you feel like the smallest of problems are the biggest of worries. Our pure CBD oil tinctures are designed to help you take a deep breath and see things clearer. CBD tinctures are some of the easiest ways to consume cannabidiol.

Gluten Free Non-High Inducing
Vegan Cruelty Free

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    One of the purest and most natural forms of CBD available on the market
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    How it’s made
  • How it's made
    Our CBD products are sourced from farms in Colorado, then shipped to the UK where it is blended with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil and decanted into bottles. When we say our CBD tinctures are pure, we mean it

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Soothe your mood with our CBD tincture


One of mother nature’s most soothing ingredients.

Stress changes you; blows small problems all out of proportion. But natural help is at hand. Our CBD tincture helps you take a deep breath and take you back to being you. CBD and hemp oil are the products of the future!


So naturally effective, we had nothing else to add.

We make our CBD tincture with the belief that it should be as close to how Mother Nature would have intended it - in its most natural form. CBD tinctures ingredients come from the cannabis plant which means its completely organic.


Naturally pure, quality assured.

We source our CBD from suppliers who harvest hemp in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. It’s legal, safe, non-toxic, non-high inducing and batch tested. Our CBD tinctures are the best in the world and we always make sure that the THC content of our products is less than 0.2%.

The effectiveness of our CBD Oil is easily measured by the reactions and responses of you, our customers.


Excellent product with great packaging would highly recommend....helped me with my sleep so no more sleepless nights would highly recommend to all.


"The best CBD oil I have found! I have tried 3 different brands of CBD oil but after researching I found Naturalis to be the best. Hard to explain but just feels cleaner and I feel better in the mornings."


100% legal and natural, CBD maintains good health without the highs

With scientists hailing cannabidiol (CBD) a super plant, and the growth of the CBD industry off the charts, beating even Vitamin C in its early days, you can trust us to deliver 100% natural and effective products.

  • All our products are non-high inducing
  • We batch test all our products to ensure they're safe
  • Our products are made without animal testing and use no animal products