Maintain balance and harmony
in your life with quality cannabidiol.

Premium cannabidiol (CBD) is present in all Naturalis products because
we’ve witnessed first-hand its amazing ability to positively affect lives.


Discover the
Naturalis way.

Everything about us is inspired by nature. From the natural harvesting methods used by our hand-picked hemp growing partners, through our natural desire to rigorously test our range, to the natural, compostable solutions we try to use in every product package.


Necessity is the mother of invention, right? It’s certainly proved to be true for the founders of Naturalis.

The founders of Naturalis London wanted to find a natural way to help the body and mind work in synergy and maintain health and wellness. Upon travelling to America, they discovered the answer: CBD. They continued to travel the world, hand picking only the best hemp farmers to produce the highest possible quality CBD products for the UK market. Upon returning to the UK, they made the decision to start Naturalis London to help more people receive

Mother Nature’s recently popularised miracle plant. Today, Naturalis London is the leading company within the CBD space. With a product range to cater to every customer’s requirements, it is little surprise that the response to Naturalis has been second to none. Our product range helps to ensure prolonged vitality, quality of sleep and clarity of mind.

We want to help our
customers feel better,
outside and in.


A good life is a life without everyday stress and worries. No doubt, it’s easier said than done in the world we live in nowadays. We aim to make products that maintain a peaceful state.

Ensure wellbeing

Great vitality starts with looking after number one. Giving yourself a body that’s ready to see off the bad and healthy enough to embrace the good things in life. That’s why we’ve set out to make products that do exactly that.

Maintain physical excellence

When you’re trying to maintain your peak, you have little time for recovery. No room for aches and pains that stop you firing on all cylinders. We make products to help you get back into your fitness journey.


Sometimes you just want to jump into bed and press the ‘off’ button for a few hours. However, sometimes your body just doesn’t want to listen. We aim to make products that help with the quality of your sleep.


Time doesn’t heal all wounds, at least not where your skin is concerned. We create products to help combat dryness and irritation to help your skin feel young again.


Watch: More give, less take.

We believe that giving people a quality of life can be achieved without damaging the natural world, and that’s exactly what our ethical and environmentally friendly products do.

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Proving our CBD is fit for

For us to meet our goal of getting the positive message of CBD out to the world, Naturalis products adhere only to pharmaceutical-grade standards, allowing the amazing natural properties of CBD to shine through.

We make only natural, quality-assured products

Our hemp is grown by hand-picked partners

All products are produced to pharmaceutical grade

We ensure our products are safe for long-term use


medical is

We know that the way products are made is as important to you as their impact on your health. It’s why we ensure no animals or any aspect of the environment are harmed during the creation of our range, so you can feel good about using CBD to feel better.

Compostable packaging where possible

Vegan-friendly product range

No animal testing

Product safety &

We take great pride in being able to label our products 100% natural. It’s a hard-earned tag that’s the result of us following the strictest production standards. It starts with high quality, hand-picked hemp and includes rigorous testing and filtering before any product is ready for you to buy.

Compostable packaging where possible

Vegan-friendly product range

No animal testing

Made and tested
with your health
and safety in