Using Luxury Cannabidiol to Harmonise Life, Health and Lifestyle

Naturalis Luxury Harmony in life,
health and lifestyle

At Naturalis, we offer our discerning customers a premium, 100% natural healing solution. Our range of high-quality products serve our customers to help them establish harmony in their life, health and lifestyle. We hand-pick our partners from across the globe for their focus on natural methods. In turn, they source materials responsibly to produce our portfolio of ethical products. A rigorous quality test confirms compliance to our exacting standards, after which we apply scientific production methods to create pharmaceutical-grade products. We never waver from our commitment to offer our customers healing the Naturalis way – with good health and good taste.
Our Farms
Sam, CEO
At Naturalis our promise could not be simpler: natural healing remedies the way nature intended."

How we began

Our founders, Sam & Hassan, have been at the forefront of research into the healing potential of cannabidiol. As research into its efficacy intensified on a global scale, so did Sam & Hassan’s belief that customers should enjoy access to a premium, 100% natural cannabidiol solution. The founders made a commitment to serving only natural products, and vowed never to deviate from a totally organic solution. Operating from London, Naturalis grew on the back of its unwavering belief in good health and good taste. The years since have seen Sam, Hassan and the rest of the team work tirelessly to forge meaningful connections with exclusive, hand-picked suppliers from around the world.
Our farms & labs

Good health and good taste

Wealth truly is health. As populations around the world continue to age, we have a responsibility to explore world-class CBD products that can elevate quality of life. Our purpose is to research and develop high-quality products that improve wellbeing through a holistic approach.

Reaching the apex of holistic health

We envision a world that thrives because the average person is empowered to achieve holistic health through a series of world-class CBD products. We believe that it’s within our grasp if we can reach out far enough.

Experience global health

We truly believe that the better our collective holistic health, the better off we all are. That’s why Naturalis enthusiastically supports The Exodus Road, a US-based NGO that is fighting to put an end to human trafficking – a pervasive problem that harms us all. You can find out more about their work by clicking below.